The Top 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent a Luxury Apartment in Charlotte

From by Marissa Stempien
The Top 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent a Luxury Apartment in Charlotte

Charlotte may not yet be synonymous with the luxurious lifestyles of Los Angeles or New York, but the East Coast city is coming into its own as a cultural and artistic hub. Restaurants, hotels and luxury residences are popping up all around the city, making it difficult to really pinpoint the best neighborhood to settle into for affluent buyers. According to Zumper, Charlotte is currently the 24th most expensive rental market, but that could soon change as its one-bedroom rates have risen 2.2 percent in the last quarter alone. Prices for the most expensive neighborhoods in the area can range from averages of $1,310-$1,445 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. Most of these high-profile neighborhoods are centrally located, found in and around the downtown area.

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Charlotte

Third Ward

While the Third Ward is the most expensive neighborhood in Charlotte it is also one of the most eclectic, offering a mix of both country and city life. The area is home to high rises and single-family homes as well as restored mill-houses from the late 1800s. Residents include single professionals, retirees, young families, students and long-time homeowners that have held onto their property for generations. Surrounded by parks and greenery, the area is perfect for young families or pet owners, as the neighborhood is home to one of the city’s only dog parks. In the past few years the area has also gained notoriety as a cultural hotspot with the opening of the Mint Museum, the Harvey Gantt African American Culture Center, the Knight Theater and The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.

Average Monthly Price: One Bedroom $1,445

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Charlotte

Myers Park

Considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the area, Myers Park has long been associated with prestige and affluence—a great reason to call this suburb home. Luxury residences have been popping up left and right throughout the town, and businesses in the area cater to their wealthy neighbors. Residents will find themselves surrounded by several parks, restaurants, shops and the Myers Park Country Club. The neighborhood is also home to Theatre Charlotte, the oldest continuously-showing theater in North Carolina, and Freedom Park to the east, a serene 98-acre park with a seven-acre lake.

Average Monthly Price: One Bedroom $1,350

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Charlotte


Adopted as a historic district in 2006, the Wilmore area was home to one of the most productive gold mines in America before the San Francisco Gold Rush. Most recently it’s become a popular residential area and is now the third most expensive neighborhood in Charlotte. Craftsman bungalows are one of the more popular housing structures, though in recent years, high-rises, condos and luxury residences have been built in the area. Due to its close proximity to downtown, there are many restaurants, nightclubs, shops, music venues and cafés that are close by, but still far enough away that residents can feel secluded in their sleepy historic town.

 Average Monthly Price: One Bedroom $1,343

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Charlotte


Combining the best of its neighboring suburbs, Dilworth features the expansive lawns and lush greenery of Myers Park, but with the historic touch and characteristic architecture of Wilmore. As the largest neighborhood on the list, Dilworth offers a little bit of everything and property can be found to fit almost every need and lifestyle. It’s bordered by Freedom Park to the south, but those who want to be closer to the action should find a home in the northern area of Dilworth closer to downtown Charlotte, or off of East Boulevard, the neighborhood’s main street. Here you’ll discover the area’s own little shopping district, where residents can find restaurants, cafés, offices and boutiques—many of them offering unique gifts and crafts.

Average Monthly Price: One Bedroom $1,329

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Charlotte

Fourth Ward

Considered the city center of Charlotte, the Fourth Ward seamlessly blends century-old Victorian homes and brand-new luxury high rises into a vibrant, thriving community. While this may be the least expensive on our top five list, it is easily one of the most popular, as its proximity to the shopping district, business district and tourist destinations make it a prime location. The neighborhood is also home to Fourth Ward Park, a three-acre nature preserve that features multiple playgrounds, hiking trails and picturesque water fountains.

Average Monthly Price: One Bedroom $1,325

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