Top 10 Syrah Producers

... and how they put their best work into each bottle

Syrah has a problem. Actually, it’s a crisis — an identity crisis. While producing world-class syrah (shiraz), winemakers have failed to capture the imaginations of many consumers.

But why? Mostly because syrah, like it’s duel name implies, is many things to many people. In fact, producers have almost tried to make it all wines to all people, from sweet to austere, fruity to meaty. And therein lies its second problem. While it is easy to produce fairly fruity syrah, one of the variety’s defining features is the way it reveals its terroir in a generally meaty, spicy, and not particularly fruity way.

That savoriness can be off-putting to people, as can the overt sweetness that anchors the opposite end of the syrah spectrum.

While you might not always be sure of what you’re getting from syrah, you can be sure that these top 10 producers are always putting their best work in the bottle.

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