Top 10 Food and Restaurant Trends of 2015


Top 10 Food and Restaurant Trends of 2015

“O beautiful, for chicken fried, for breakfast served all day…”

These are just two of the top 10 emerging food and restaurant trends on the annual Seat 1A Food Trend List. The list arrives just in time for you to discuss around your holiday table – and maybe even serve on it.

This year’s trend list began with 22 concepts based on ideas and observations from restaurants all over the U.S., and was culled down to 10 with the help of an esteemed panel of culinary experts

This year’s list features new refinements to American classics (fried chicken, ice cream sandwiches), new, accessible foods from the Mediterranean and Hawaii, and tweaks on the cuisine of India. Plus, new technology is enabling restaurants get into businesses that would have been unthinkable even 5 years ago.

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