Top 10 Destinations to Ward off the Cold

Where to go to escape dropping temperatures

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

As soon as Labor Day weekend comes and goes, the rest of the year goes by in a flash. First it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then in no time, you’re trying to remember to write 2012 instead of 2011. That high-speed train isn’t only going in the direction of the holidays, though. It’s barreling in the direction of cold weather, too. And since there’s little respite from those soggy, gray days at home, we thought we’d pinpoint ten destinations where December doesn’t mean dreary weather and puffy coats.

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Los Angeles natives have perfected the art of rubbing in their all-year-sun when temperatures drop on the east coast, but truth-be-told, hopping on an LA-bound flight mid-winter is an ideal antidote for gray-sky-blues. It’s a big-city-break, so there’s plenty to do, see, and eat — and it’s all under the sun. Or for a total sun-worshipper’s getaway, book a flight to Turks & Caicos, where relaxing, beachcombing, and fresh seafood are on offer every day.

Little is as satisfying as taking your coat off on the plane and not putting it back on until you’re freezing at baggage claim. Stuff that coat into the bottom of your suitcase (and the back of your mind) as you hunt down Puerto Rico’s coolest beaches and tastiest street foods. If you’ve done Puerto Rico, but still don’t want venture as far as Australia, hop on the easiest flight you’ll take all year, and head for sunny Bermuda. Just more than two hours from the eastern seaboard, that little island has both quaint charm and high-end luxury down pat.

Insist all you want that you “love the changing of the seasons.” Dining alfresco in December is an undeniable joy. And sunburns are just added bonuses, really. Check out the slideshow for our top ten warm-in-winter picks.