Tony Maws On Kirkland Tap & Trotter And What's Next For Craigie On Main

Tony Maws' Craigie on Main has become one of Boston's most acclaimed restaurants with its spin on fine dining. But this summer Maws is taking a leap (although only a mile away in Somerville, Mass.) and opening Kirkland Tap & Trotter. The new restaurant will be a much more casual restaurant and will feature a bigger bar and hardwood grill.

Maws says he's opening the new restaurant in order to be able to explore two different kinds of cooking. "There have been two sort of styles of food that I've really loved to do in my life, and one of them is right here at Craigie on Main," he says. "But there's this other food kind of going back to grandmother, very soulful, one pot [or a] braised dish, a perfectly cooked piece of something... [We'll use the] same ingredients that we use here at Craigie on Main but more rustic, more simply prepared."

He also addresses the burger lovers by saying that there will definitely be a burger at Kirkland Tap & Trotter. However, he notes that it will be different to his famous burger at Craigie and he is hoping that other staples will get their due. "I think we're also going to work on, just for fun, some different sausages. I'd love to do with the hot dog what I've done with the burger," he says. They will also be doing all of their own in-house butchery and will have more large-format menu items like "entire tied up veal shoulders that are rolled and put on a spit and slowly-roasted."

The restaurant is slated to open in August. For more, including how Craigie on Main will continue to evolve, watch the video above!