Tompkins Square Park Dog Run

Dog Run
9th Street (btw Ave A & Ave B)
New York, NY 10009


  • Ask before you give a treat to another dog. You don't know what kind of diet they are on or what their allergies might be.
  • When I'm feeling sad (or just want a good laugh), the dog park always makes me smile.
  • Lots of butt sniffing here. Dogs too.
  • During the Halloween Dog Parade, prizes are given for the best costumes: past entrants include a few Frankenweenies and a three-headed Cerberus impersonator.
  • Try to keep the doggy pool as clean as you can. We should try to avoid our pups drinking from it. You never know what's in it when its too cloudy
  • No dogs without people and no people without dogs. Bee tee dubs, human babies, even crawling on all fours, are not an acceptable substitute for dogs.
  • PHOTO: Squatters set fire to their pre-fab housing in Tompkins Square Park as firefighters try to extinguish them during protests in 1989, at the link!
  • There are hot guys with cute dogs here. All you need is a full bar and you're set.
  • Don't micromanage your dog.
  • Nice clean dog run.
  • Keep an eye on your dogs and pick up after them. Don't make the dog park a minefield of poop.
  • My pup clients love this joint!
  • Watch your dog carefully. Occasionally an aggressive dog gets out of hand.
  • You may catch a celebrity when you visit here. Teddy won the VPI contest and is now featured on back cover of Gay City News
  • Spend some quality time with your licensed pup at the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run. For info on dog licensing visit: For more info about dog runs visit:
  • Considered one of the best dog parks for your little furry friends. The park has separate spaces for the larger and smaller dogs.
  • Calypso loves this park, she like to run around on the wooden deck in the small dog run.
  • Morning crew rules!!! Especially the bench eccentrics! :)
  • Greg...Better yet only one gate open at one time...people dont seem to understand the concept of a holding pen... lol
  • Close the door quickly as you enter and exit so the dogs don't escape!

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