Tompkins Square Park

Park, Performing Arts
E 7th St to E 10th St (btwn Ave A & B)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 387-7685


  • Head over to the dog park, pretend to give one of the furry little guys a scratch on the head but actually whisper how much you hate dogs into the lil' guy's ear. "Why you gotta poop everywhere?!"
  • Best benches in the city
  • This East Village gathering point is one of the City of New York's early wi-fi adopters in partnership with AT&T.
  • watch out for the rats and hippie bums at night!
  • AT&T is providing free Wi-Fi around the field house.
  • Fanny Allie's Serendipity is a life-size silhouette of a formerly homeless man who spent much of his time in the park. The steel figure is a symbol of hope. On display through November 2013.
  • Cults don't own a dog but still love to hang out here. "It's kind of creepy...but it's great! You just sit there, maybe bring a dog treat, just ruffle some dogs and hang out."
  • Alain Levitt's favorite place for people-watching. "I dont know if anyone else has noticed but the park has gotten really strange again lately. I love it."
  • Not the cleanest or nicest park around, but it does have its charms for instance, it hosts the largest Halloween Dog Parade in the country!
  • PHOTO: As Police and residents riot over control of the park, an injured man is wheeled out on a stretcher in the summer of 1988, at the link!
  • In the Alphabet City area of NYC, a large park, they actually have a farmers market, and open area where bands play, bigger then Madison Square Park
  • Best place to smoke a rock or shoot up during your lunch break if you work in the E Village.
  • Visit this dog run during the year to socialize your pups but remember to also mark your calendars for the very creative annual Halloween Parade for dogs in October!
  • Abel time at Thompson square park is the best time.
  • 5 Reasons to Love TSP: #1. The Sunday Greenmarket. #2. The HOWL! Festival. #3. The dog park. #4. There is actual grass. #5. People watching.
  • Tompkins is a great EV park. It's definitely one of my favorite people watching locations, with passersby embodying many EV idiosyncrasies.
  • Stop-&-Frisk Watch!
  • You would think that after they made rent a movie this park would lose its stoner, cult, and ailing homeless populace. Nope. Still cool
  • Sit down and relax
  • No park after dark!

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