Tokyo Restaurant Serving ‘Too Much Tuna’

Firebird Restaurant in Tokyo has a new lunch special of 'too much sashimi tuna'
Tokyo Restaurant Serving ‘Too Much Tuna’
Firebird Restaurant

Perhaps it's time for an international edition of 'Oh, Hello.'

A Tokyo restaurant called Firebird is serving a new lunch special called the maguro nosesugi don, or “rice bowl with too much tuna in it.” The tuna sashimi dish is so generous that some people have mistaken the dish for “a heaping helping of much cheaper strawberry-syrup covered shaved ice when they first glance at it,” according to Rocket News 24.

Perhaps this massive meal is a lunch to be undertaken by the Oh, Hello team – comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll- who have a recurring sketch on Kroll Show where they play pranksters who invite their friends to a lunch of too much tuna.[related]

Hopefully the next episode of ‘Too Much Tuna’ will feature the team in an international episode, but if you’d like to try the maguro nosesugi don for yourself, the dish is available for just 800 yen (approximately $7.83 USD). The generous offer is only available for lunch, and includes a salad and a few sides.

Firebird is located at Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 2-5-18, 1F. 


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