Toki Underground

Row 1

1234 H St NE (above The Pug)
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 388-3086
Noodles, Ramen
$ $
Mon–Sat: 11:30 AM–10:00 PM

Toki Underground is a fun, bustling, and popular spot in Washington, D.C.’s Atlas District, on H Street. It specializes in ramen and dumplings (In fact, it was D.C.’s first ramen shop), and is quite difficult to get into. While you can try your luck at just showing up and waiting for a table to open, you can also check out their website and click the link that says “Limited Reservations” right below the map. Yes, Toki Underground accepts reservations, but they’re not exactly easy to score.

Once on that page, you’ll choose a date and time, along with party size, but here’s the catch: You can only make reservations for up to two weeks in advance, and tables fill up fast. But if you head to the site first thing in the morning exactly two weeks before you need a reservation and wait until the page refreshes, you’ll have the pick of the litter.

Once you’re in, we suggest you try the Toki Classic ramen, rich, creamy, and intensely porky; pork or seasonal seafood dumplings; some fried chicken steamed buns; and plenty of sake. 

Foursquare Tips

  • The cookies and milk desert is so amazing, you'll call the waitress mom and ask her to tuck you in.
  • Toki's kimchi ramen is a standout. It's a pork-laden, vinegary soup that's a perfect follow-up to a pile of dumplings.
  • It's worth the wait for a bowl of the Taiwanese-style ramen that includes varieties like curry chicken and kimchi. Dumplings here are also well worth a try. [Eater 38 Member]
  • Two people can make a meal from one big bowl of ramen (all five varieties are $10 each) and an order of dumplings (six for $5), which means a Cheap Eats budget can include cocktails.
  • I understand Saturday nights are busy, but a four and a half hour wait for two is just ridiculous. Just say, "we probably won't be able to seat you tonight," or, "come back after midnight."
  • There is a sink here. When you get out of the rest room, it's on your left before the kitchen. WASH YO HANDS.
  • Ain't yo mamas cup o'noodles
  • The classic ramen with homemade sriracha sauce is a dream. Don't hesitate to order a side of kimchi and an Ice Dome sake to top it off.
  • Kimchi Hakata with extra noodles and chashu pork cheek is fantastic!
  • Try the curry or kimchi ramen at this Taiwanese-Japanese hybrid of a noodle shop with a tiny dining room and plenty of attitude.
  • Pan seared dumplings are a good 'in-between' choice if you don't want to go with the deep fried, or steamed options. If you like your ramen with some kick, be sure to get a side of endorphin sauce.
  • FREE dumplings with your dinner between 5-10 pm today - did you take advantage?
  • Make sure to follow on Twitter at @tokiunderground for same day or announced specials!
  • Add extra noodles to your ramen. The standard broth to noodle ratio is no good.
  • Kitchen is open till midnight - show up late and there's no wait!
  • Whoa get the Blackened Gold.
  • Order a soft poached egg to lay on top of your ramen. Deliciousness ensues.
  • How long is the wait? An hour or less during the week, but up to three hours during the weekend peak. You will receive a text message when your spot is ready.
  • Excellent ramen. Not Ippudo (what is?), but tried all of them, except the vegetarian, and they were all delicious. This is the kimchi (it's got a kick) and the curry chicken was really tasty too.
  • Soundtrack is wild