Toasty Tipples to Warm Up Cold Winter Nights

Big sweater and cozy socks are required for a prime drinking experience

Sure, a big sweater and blazing fireplace are a great way to get cozy during the autumn and winter chill, but there’s no better way to warm up in the cold weather seasons than with a hot ‘n’ toasty tipple.

Get cozy in the cold with these cocktails!

Green your drinks with organic liquors, fruits and spices. Look for seasonal and local fruits to guarantee the freshest tasting winter beverage. If the drink requires a garnish, use some from your indoor garden or buy organic.

Sugar on the rim? Use raw sugar instead of white processed sugars.

You’ll already be doing your fair share of hot cocoa sipping and tea brewing, so why not amp up the fun with a splash (or three) of organic bourbon, spiced rum and some peppermint Schnapps?

Now that will surely spike your interest all season long!

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