Theme Park
Six Flags Over Texas (Texas section)
Arlington, TX


  • 4.5 Gs!!! 85 MPH!! Almost blacked out. The two two guys behind me did black out. See photo.
  • Ride in the back! Or the front! Middle is no bueno.
  • wear gloves during holiday in the park
  • Best ride @ Six Flags!
  • Titan & Freeze has no lines! YEP!
  • Este si me saco un susto
  • This ride was so fun in the line was not bad they had thee rids going
  • Best ride at Six Flags!!!! Not even close!!!
  • It's so fast that it is basically over before you know it because you have no time to look at anything.
  • Go to the bathroom first before getting in line.
  • do giant first, then titan. titan usally has less people, so do giant before, or if u cant handlegiant ride this one.
  • If you're wearing glasses, store them in the locker or be sure to hold on to them! The wind can be kinda mean up there!
  • Each row has a small zipper pouch where you can stow your phone. Use it, because your phone WILL fly out of your pocket!
  • The rollercoaster. Must ride the front row.
  • Soooooo ScaryBut So Fun I want to do it again an again
  • Once you get to the top of the hill you'll realize the mistake you've made. You'll make an embarrassingly futile attempt to escape but it will be too late: The Titan has already begun to devour you.
  • Best ride in the park. Hands down.
  • One of my favorite rides!!!
  • Love it. Greatness.
  • Very short lines!!

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