Tips for Celebrating Apple Pie Day

What to do and what to make on May 13th

May 13th is National Apple Pie Day. Now, as nothing is more All-American than apple pie, this is something to celebrate. Wondering what to do (or what to make)? We’ve got some easy and delicious ideas to inspire you.

Host A Pie Potluck

If you and your friends love to bake, host an apple pie potluck dinner. Have each guest (or pair of guests) bake and bring a pie over for everyone to share — check out some of our favorite recipes for ideas. We'd start with the Cheddar-crusted pie and then finish with a big slice of the mile-high pie, served a la mode. Serving apple pie cocktails are a must, too!

Serve Pie for Breakfast

As a child, what could be better than devouring a slice of pie before heading off to school? For a special Friday treat, serve a slice of a prize-winning pie topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt to balance the sweetness.

Eat Pie All Day


You needn’t stop at eating pie only for breakfast or dessert — why not deconstruct the apple pie and have some at every meal? At breakfast, top your yogurt or morning oatmeal with some apple pie filling. For lunch, throw some apple pie into your ham and Cheddar sandwich in lieu of chutney (and don’t forget an apple hand pie for dessert). For dinner with the family, stuff a boneless, skinless chicken breast with some apple compote before roasting it, or serve a slice of pie instead of applesauce with a roast pork tenderloin. With a side of roast potatoes and broccoli, it's a nutritious dinner. And if you’re not sick of apple pie yet, well... you know what to serve for dessert.