Time to Play Name That Movie

Watch a mashup of foodie movies

We already listed the 15 best food scenes in movies, but writer and filmmaker Matt Zoller Seitz's Feast is a 13-minute long tribute to food porn, splicing together audio and visuals from various movies.

Here's Seitz on the universal appeal of food: "Read a political manifesto on the bus or the train and people tune out. Read a list of ingredients for timpano or green bean casserole or quail in rose petal sauce and they don't just listen, they nod their appreciation and let out subtle little mutterings of pleasure. Recipes are family-friendly erotica."

Watch for the shoutout to Thomas Keller's favorite scene, the best line ever ("To eat good food is to be close to God"), swoon-worthy James Franco in The Company, and drool-worthy family feasts. Just in time to save you from the holiday slump.


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