Timber Mountain Log Ride

Theme Park
8039 Beach Blvd (Ghost Town @ Knott's Berry Farm)
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 220-5200


  • I grew up on this damn ride!! It is a MUST. If you go to Knott's and do not ride this, then you have not been to Knott's. Take it from a local!
  • It smells like a dirty sock
  • The Log Ride is a MUST.
  • Throw a bracelet or hair tie in the water!
  • Just opened back up in time for spring break 2012
  • Try standing up on the ride right before going down the waterfall!
  • Good ride to makeout on!
  • Has it collapsed again yet?
  • It's like a ghetto Splash Mountain
  • The grizzly bear is my favorite part.
  • New rule 36" height requirement. Sorry babies! :(
  • Closed from Jan. til May.
  • Make your picture legit!!!!
  • Stash your gear with the front rider in the back compartment.
  • Be able to follow instructions well...Ride Operators are very impatient. NO PREFERRED SEATING!!!!! YOU WILL GET WET NO MATTER WHERE YOU SIT!!!!!
  • Great ride during Halloween Haunt.
  • Stand up anytime inside for a surprise!
  • Form two lines, but go to the left.
  • Woah they changed the storyline to a Splash Mountain rip off.

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