Tim Hortons

Coffee Shop, Donuts
1 Walden Galleria (in Walden Galleria)
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
(716) 651-0135


  • Would you like it if someone's child had their derriere all over your countertop? There are chairs at this location. Don't put your child on the counter when you're ordering. Merci beaucoup.
  • Worst service ever
  • If a person is making your drink, that same person probably isn't making your bagel unless they have gloves on. Just saying.
  • Don't bother going here on the weekends. Too many Canadians and the line is out the door. Go to the location on Walden Ave outside of the mall.
  • Not so keen on being served food by a girl chewing gum like a cow. The super happy guy was a nice comic relief from the hot mess that was everything else.
  • Ham & Swiss is not equal to a BLT. They are two separate sandwiches. You're welcome.
  • They serve MOST of what regular, full-service Tim's do. It often gets busy due to mall traffic, but there's TWO lines (which a lot of people don't realize.) Good spot to grab food or a drink any time.
  • I did not enjoy my cold ass breakfast sandwich, and nasty coffee...now I'ma be a grumpy shopper
  • Luv their Vanilla Bean Latte and Maple Pecan Danish - if you ever go to Canada. Don't think they carry it here in NY
  • If you're going to pay all in change, have that ready to go. Nothing pisses off other customers more than you taking your sweet ol' time.
  • Please know what you want to order by the time you get to the register. Especially if you've been patiently waiting in line for at least five minutes!
  • Make sure you go during the times of 8-4 on Saturday and Sunday, that's when they have the best person making food at the bagel station.
  • By the way, there are two registers. There is a key for the rest room. There are garbage cans so you can throw out your garbage.
  • A true Canadian coffee shop

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