Tigerair Australia

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Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Australia food options are not included in the price of your ticket. However, all Tigerair flights operate a buy on board program and you can also pre-order meals for your upcoming Tigerair flight in Australia. The inflight menu for Tigerair Australia can be viewed below.


You can pre-order meals up to 48 hours prior to departure and choose from the AUD$13 Jumbo All Day Turkish, Triple Beef Platter Sandwich or Rowies Gluten-Free Cheese Toastie. All pre-order meals come with a Pringles and a choice of a hot or cold beverage (not including iced coffee) and by pre-ordering you receive the Pringles for free, to pre-order your meals for Tigerair Australia click here.


Tiger Airways Australia Food Menu





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