Tidy Minds Gives Women the Tools to Focus on Their Professional Futures


Anna Hill is the type of person every woman needs in her life. We've been talking for only 45 minutes, and already my mind is focused and my action plan is forming before my eyes. Hill is a fixer, a sorter, a de-clutter(er) who uses her skills and experience to advise women on how to take the next step in their lives. You know, things like: the business idea that will make you millions, the never-ending paperwork that won't go away, getting a new job or even the home that needs to be organized and boxed up before it's sold. Photo Courtesy of Jodi Redhouse Photography
As the director of London-based Tidy Minds, Hill has identified a niche market. "I work with existing business owners, would-be entrepreneurs, ex-corporate and creative professionals," said Hill. "My ideal client is a successful, highly-motivated woman who isn't sure what her next professional move should be. She could have a great idea for a business but no idea where to start, she could be considering her options after having children, or she could be seeking clarity following a relocation or change of personal circumstances."Photo Courtesy of Jodi Redhouse Photography

A cross between a life coach, a mentor and a business adviser, Hill is all those things rolled into one. What's more, she dips into her own experiences from her inspirational career.
"Before launching Tidy Minds, I spent 12 years working as a reputation management specialist, advising high-achieving women and female entrepreneurs in the public and private sector," explained Hill. "I've always been more of a do-er than a talker, and I love coming up with practical solutions to help women improve their surroundings, become more organized and regain control. Tidy Minds is all about empowering women to help themselves. I get the ball rolling, they do the rest."
I spent a morning with Hill for one of her Tidy Minds business sessions, talking about my plans for world domination, obviously. It began with a short consultation meeting and telephone call from which Hill compiled a priority list, complete with helpful advice, and made sure she's got in stock my favorite tea — a personal touch that's part of the service.
"Establishing a rapport with a new client is vital. The work I do is intensive — usually delivered over one to two days — so an understanding of current circumstances and motivators is an important part of the process," said Hill. "Each session is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client with face-to-face discussions around prioritization, time and task management, target markets and personal profile-raising. Bespoke business resources and personalized timelines are then delivered as part of a follow-up pack."
It means on the day, there's no time wasted; we're straight into the plan Hill's put together, outlining the topics that I want to discuss, and she's already carried out helpful research, including website addresses and organisations that may offer advice to me along the way.
She's thorough, throwing in nuggets of information, and pearls of wisdom that make everything fall into place, and seem achievable. But it's not just hyperbole, she's quick to suggest practical alternatives to things that look a bit shaky, always in an incredibly professional manner that never undermines the initial idea. Before I knew it, my two-hour taster session was up; we worked through all of the points I wanted to discuss. Hill professionally kept us from digressing, so my time spent with her was incredibly productive and worthwhile. We kept chatting over lunch, which is also included, and I asked her why her service was tailored towards females. "Women have so many competing priorities they often lose sight of what's really important in their own lives. If that means their brilliant ideas don't get to see the light of day, we're all worse off," Hill explains. Photo Courtesy of Jodi Redhouse Photography

By the end of the day, I felt rejuvenated and motivated; I could turn my ideas into reality, and Hill was fundamental in showing me how. And it doesn't end there; a few days later, I received a follow-up pack in the mail including a document containing all the vital information we went through in our session. She also sent a couple of thoughtful gifts, which was a wonderful touch — like something a great friend would send you. And that's exactly what Hill offers as her service, a best friend who you can trust to help you to get things done. Tidy Minds professional packages start around $2,024 USD.