Ticketbud Announces Restaurant Reservation Software for Events

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Ticketbud Announces Restaurant Reservation Software for Events

Ticketbud Announces Restaurant Reservation Software for Events

Ticketbud Announces Restaurant Reservation Software for EventsAustin, TX  (RestaurantNews.com)  Ticketbud, a self-service event ticketing software, today announced that it has updated its software to simplify the restaurant event planning process. Its restaurant reservation software tools gives managers a hassle-free way to market their events, sell tickets online, and view RSVPs. The event registration company offers the fastest payments in the industry while providing great value with its calendar and analytics features.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing restaurants turn to events as a way to increase revenue and gain exposure”, said Ray Frigo, CEO of Ticketbud. “I believe that our feature set and platform are the best on the market to help deliver exactly what they need to run successful events.”

“We researched a number of options like Ticketmaster and we found that the best bang for our buck was with Ticketbud,” said Clark Crook, owner of the 189 Public House restaurant that hosts concerts. “You deliver a great value for the fees you charge!”

As part of its restaurant booking software, Ticketbud offers the following benefits:

  • Calendar and Widget Features
    Ticketbud’s software does more than just sell tickets to an event. Managers can upload a calendar to their restaurant website with links to buy tickets. For a great brand experience, restaurant websites can upload a widget for online ticket purchases.
  • Fast Payments
    Restaurants using Ticketbud’s payment processor can get paid next day after selling a ticket. This is invaluable for ensuring consistent cash flow for accounting purposes. Next day payments also make sure employees and suppliers paid.
  • Enhanced Analytics
    Ticketbud gives managers the ability to see where customers buy tickets. The software grants the ability to sell preset menu items on an event page. With this feature, buyers can make sure that the restaurant has enough supplies. This also reduces waste and increases accuracy, thus decreasing expenses. The analytics tool also grants real-time reporting info which is important for marketing purposes.
  • Ticketbud App

The Ticketbud app allows hosts to check in people at the door to get an accurate headcount. It also allows managers to view sales and customer data on their mobile device.

About Ticketbud

Ticketbud helps event organizers manage their ticketing, promotion, and attendee management needs so that they can focus on actually running their events. With its intuitive event registration and management software, ticketing services, custom design work, and event consulting, Ticketbud is essential for ensuring an event’s success. Event organizers worldwide use Ticketbud in order to manage events efficiently and more cost-effectively. If you would like to set up your event or receive more information visit ticketbud.com.

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