Ticket Sales Cause a Mess at Great American Beer Festival

Members-only tickets went on sale to the general public, making beer lovers angry

Were you planning to go to Denver's legendary Great American Beer Festival in October? You might be out of luck. A huge snafu in today's ticket sales for the "Superbowl of Beer Festivals" is making beer lovers angry nationwide. 

9News reports that tickets that were meant for members only went on sale for the general public and quickly sold out. Two Ticketmaster errors wouldn't let members of the American Homebrewer's Association and the Brewers Association buy tickets for a Saturday members-only session, while the general public quickly got ahold of the hot tickets. 

"We deeply regret the technical issues that Ticketmaster experienced this morning during the GABF member ticket pre-sale," said the American Homebrewers Assocation on its Facebook page this morning, to its many members threatening to not renew their memberships. The group pledged to void tickets that the general public scored for the members-only session — so if you did manage to get your hands on them, sucks for you. 

The festival is from Oct. 11 to 13, and the general public can still get its tickets on Thursday.