Throw a 'MEATing' with Man Cave Worldwide


Get the guys together for a 'meating.'

There are ample opportunities for girl bonding: manicures and pedicures, a spa day, going to pilates, a bachelorette party, a tea party, etc. However, for the fellas, it more or less begins and ends with playing and watching sports. But what about a get-together for men where they can just be guys? 

The answer has arrived. Man Cave, the first home party company for men, sells everything a man might need for his man cave, including award-winning meats, grilling accessories, and bar ware. There’s more: the company sets you up with all the right fixings to throw a "meating" of the minds for all the men to hang out. 

How does it work? It’s easy as pie.

Here are the hosting rules from Man Cave: 

1. Contact us to book a free MEATing.

2. Invite some guys over.

3. We bring a bunch of exclusive award-winning meat, and Leinenkugel's beer.

4. Tournaments of "manly" games like hammerschlagen are played, with the winners taking home prizes.

5. People will be drooling over our exclusive products — which they can only get through a MEATing!

Be the man and get the guys over — it’ll be worth it.