Three Terrific Gifts for Wine Lovers

From by Wanda Mann
Three Terrific Gifts for Wine Lovers

The only gift that wine lovers adore more than a great bottle of vino is an accessory that enhances the drinking experience. From techy tannin tamers to artsy bottle openers, here are three great gifts that will inspire the recipient to raise a glass in your name! 

The Velv Wine Oxygenator ($300) 

Decanters and aerators are the classic methods of unlocking a wine's flavor but the process can take up to a few hours for an especially "tight" wine. The Velv Wine Oxygenator can unlock a wine in just a few minutes by harnessing the power of pure oxygen. A high-tech gadget that is simple to use, just insert the Velv Wine Oxygenator into the bottle and turn it on. 99.5% pure oxygen is released into the bottle and your wine will be fully awakened and ready to enjoy in just a few minutes.

I took the Velv on a test run with a bottle of Chianti and there was a discernible difference - the tannins were softer and the aromas and flavors were heightened. With the Velv, red wines can reach their flavor peaks in about 5 to 7 minutes - dryer & fuller-bodied white wines can be prepared in about 3 to 5 minutes. The Velv has some pretty impressive fans - Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, Master of Wine, says, "I can see the benefit of the Velv Wine Oxygenator for the casual wine enthusiast. For young, tight wines it releases aromatics, for tannic wines it can smooth those harsh edges and make it more velvety, in just minutes.” 

SAVED Wines Corkscew
by Scott Campbell ($125)

Spread some "good juju" this holiday season with this gorgeous solid brass corkscrew carved with patterns and sigils created by renowned tattoo artist and SAVED Wines creator Scott Campbell. Scott's work is very inspired by symbolism and the designs on the corkscrew represent the potential to manifest inspired ideas and the focus and determination to act upon them. Truly a work of art, this gleaming & substantial corkscrew was designed in collaboration with the acclaimed Detroit based manufacturer Shinola.
Bonus gift - For a truly spectacular presentation, pair this impressive corkscrew with a bottle of robust, juicy and delicious SAVED Red Wine ($25) - a luscious blend of Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Zinfandel, and small amounts of other red varietals. 


 The Wine Check Luggage by Lazenne ($112.50)

Shopping for wine during your travels is always a thrill but figuring out how to schlep the bottles home can be stressful. Fret no more - this nifty bag makes packing a cinch and keeps your wine safe. This specialized and lightweight airline-approved luggage can be checked onto a plane and holds 12 bottles of wine, champagne, beer, cider, hard liquor, or olive oil. A practical present with panache!  

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