Three-In-One Swimwear Makes More Room In Your Suitcase


Maybe we're just dreaming of island getaways, but we love swimsuits right now. We're imagining running along a sandy beach, drenched in sun—but the weather is putting a damper on our plans. So along with planning a fantasy trip to Australia (where summer will soon be starting!), we're eyeing up some of the best swimwear to come with us. Lenny's Chic Halter Maillot in forest green is next on our packing list. This deep sea-green hue is one of the most beautiful colors we've seen in a suit, and can imagine it flattering nearly every skin tone. Still giving us the sex appeal we want in swimwear, the cut covers enough that we won't have to worry about falling out of a teeny triangle top. Offering a plunging neckline and a wraparound belt this one-piece also has straps that can be worn straight, cross-crossed or over one shoulder. So with three bathing suits in one, that leaves extra space in our suitcases for more important things—like shoes.