The Thing?

Souvenir Shop, Gas Station, Gift Shop
2631 N Johnson Rd
Dragoon, AZ 85609


  • Spend the buck!
  • Been going here since I was a child! My favorite stop on our road trip. Get a pancho & some ice cream!
  • The humans have found one of our crash test dummies and put it on display here. The peanut brittle is to die for.
  • Pretty cool little museum with antique artifacts. Worth the $1 entrance fee. Nice gift ship too.
  • The bathrooms have all been redone and very clean
  • Nope, didn't succumb to the seemingly thousands of billboards. Have family that did fall prey to the lure of the unknown. Said it's worth a buck. But not more. Is excuse to get out n stretch ur legs
  • Keep driving
  • Spend a buck 4 me lol
  • This is a classic cheesy, but fun stop. I say it's worth the stop! ;)
  • Love how nice the employees are, the dollar is worth the spend.
  • Hilter's car is back there. Be sure to buy a statue of a confederate chicken.
  • The dollar is worth it!
  • Yes. But what *is* THE THING?!
  • Take the tour. It's great!
  • Mr. Pibb on tap
  • Interesting roadside attraction for $1!
  • Worth the $1. But isn't that exciting. Lol
  • Really cool place and worth the $1 to see all the cool stuff in the building's and The Thing is cool too.
  • Spend the dollar! It's so worth the tourist experience. I did it ten years ago, and today, on my only two trips cross country on this highway :)
  • This places closes at 7!! Dumb! If you are on the road and want some soda, snack, or DQ, after 7 it's pointless! The only thing the thing had for us was gas!!

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