Lovesick Thief Steals Wine to See Jailed Boyfriend

A woman allegedly stole a bottle of wine to see her jailed boyfriend
Wikimedia/bigfoot Fontaine

A woman intentionally got herself arrested this week for stealing wine to see her jailed boyfriend.

Some people will do crazy things for love, even including stealing wine from a gas station, like one Texas woman who intentionally got herself arrested this week just to see her jailed boyfriend.

According to the NY Post, Alicia Walicke’s boyfriend had been arrested, and she wanted to see him. Somehow she decided the best way to do that would be to get herself arrested too, so she shoplifted a $3.99 bottle of wine from a gas station Wednesday. Then she waited in front of the gas station, drinking the wine and waiting for the police to show up and arrest her.

When the police arrived, Walicke explained that her boyfriend had been arrested a few hours earlier, and she wanted to go to jail to see him.

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As a result of her romantic criminal activities, Walicke was charged with misdemeanor theft and eventually freed on a $5,000 bond. It is unclear if Walicke actually managed to see her boyfriend as a result of the crime, but it makes a much more romantic story if one assumes that she did.