Thermo Protein - The Future of Weight Loss Shakes?

Venus Nutrition International Ltd

LONDON, October 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

"Thermo Protein combines a low carb lean protein blend and a fat burner to boost fat loss and metabolism". It is a far more superior product to lose weight compared to ordinary diet shakes in the market, says Daminda Ralalage, the Founder of VENUS ARMY.

VENUS ARMY, a company based in London, launched its signature product VENUS-PRO Thermo Slim Shake this year as a replacement for current diet and weight loss shakes in the market.

Founder Daminda Ralalage explains: "My plan was not to replace food in our diets, but to offer a healthy, effective alternative to high calorie food and low protein weight loss shakes. This is the future of weight loss shakes, because most traditional weight loss shakes combine a very low amount of protein per serving and a high amount of carbs and they are also limited to 1 or 2 fat burning ingredients. VENUS-PRO Thermo Slim Shake has 5 fat burning ingredients and up to 31g of lean protein per serving, therefore delivering superior benefits and results, compared to what you get from traditional weight loss supplements or meal replacements. Also don't forget you can use Thermo Slim Shake for baking and to create the most delicious healthy snacks!

The product uses revolutionary Thermo Blend, which is an exclusive blend of low carb lean protein blend, CLA, green tea extract, acai berry extract, taurine and l-carnitine to supercharge fat loss and support muscle tone.

Satisfied customer Renel Holland explains how VENUS-PRO changed her life:

"Best protein ever - I have been ordering a similar product from the US and I am so glad this is finally in the UK. Best product ever! Fuller for longer and oh so tasty".

VENUS ARMY provide a full range of products from ThermoSlim shakes, fat burner, whole grain food and their latest product 24/7 online personal training system to help healthy fat loss and promote healthy lifestyle.

Sulamith Bochtler has lost close to 25 pounds on the system.

"My journey started in early 2014 when I decided I needed to change my lifestyle," says Sulamith.  "At the time my weight was 14 stone. I started my journey by following lots of youtube fitness clips and personal training. In early 2016 I started using VENUS-PRO Thermo Slim shake.  After starting regular exercise and Venus products, I have found that my energy levels are high and I was able to drop 25 pounds in total. Now I feel stronger, fuller for longer and I have more energy. I really like the taste and I love making my protein pancakes every Sunday".

Admitting that VENUS-PRO is a "curve jump in the industry," Daminda said they are already putting the finishing touches on a next edition of the product, which will be gluten free, lactose free and more easy to use as they aim for a global market.

To learn more about the VENUS-ARMY, product launch, or to book an interview, contact Sulamith Bochtler email,, tel: 07751726562  or visit the website at

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