There's A Sriracha Documentary In The Works

Over the past several years, the Asian hot sauce known as Sriracha has gone from being a relatively obscure condiment to nearly being a household name, earning a spot in millions of pantries and getting a squirt on everything from wings to eggs to macaroni and cheese to Bloody Marys. High-end restaurants, like Brooklyn's Talde, have even begun incorporating the fiery sauce into American classics, like fried chicken, and Lay's even released a potato chip with the flavoring during its recent competition to pick the next flavor.

So with great success comes the next logical step: movie stardom. One filmmaker, Griffin Hammond, is doing just that, and is working on a short documentary about the sauce, and it'll be released in September.

Not many details about the film, which will be called Sriracha, are available yet, but according to the film's Facebook page, it will "share the fascinating origins of this beloved hot sauce with film festival audiences and online supporters." It also states that it's "an anthem for those who love Sriracha, and inspiration for those who haven't tasted it yet!"