There is absolutely No Place Like this Place


The sign says it all.....This place is sitting 60 miles south of lake Erie in Canton, Ohio, Its The closest coastline nearby. Its been around the area for over 40+ years. About six years ago they moved into there lastest location which Should be sittng on a beach somewhere. It resembles a Local dive rest/bar you would find at a any coastal town where the locals have been going to forever. I am not talking about a senor frogs or a jimmy buffett margarita style chain. I am talking about the real thing. This is a place that people goto because they love it,they love the food and they the the place. It is hidden on a past main road that has been almost all forgotten when the new road was built. Just less then a mile away from the mainstream Strip of chain restaurants it sits with Longtime customers who know they have made the right choice. its not a large place but they do have a wrap around porch and a newly added patio that cuts down the wait time on the weekends.The Food is top notch with the Fried beer batter fish probably the best selling and they also make there own Onion rings which fly out of the kitchen in boat loads. There is almost any beach side eat you can think of on the menu, Beer battered cod, Fresh Grilled fish and shrimp, Oysters on the half shell from the east coast, perch from lake erie, mussles, clams, Lobster and even crawfish and   alligator. Now most seaside dives do not just sell seafood, The Seafood Selection is Great but I have found some of the best Burgers, Steaks and BBQ at some of these coastal dives and eadies does not deny anyone of those pleasures. They have been rated as having one of the best burgers in town and they smoke there own bbq right out back as well as a childrens menu. They have a list for beer and wine and a full bar,  if you looking for that margarita experience. The staff seems to be the same people for years and you can tell they like being there. If you are passing through or visiting the nearby NFL Football Hall of Fame you must not pass up this local favorite, you cant go wrong