Thanksgiving Recipes From Our Favorite Authors

The Airship pulls together a Pulitzer Prize-worthy Thanksgiving menu
The Airship

Louisa May Alcott and her delicious Apple Slump belong at you holiday table!

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is the food (with family coming in a close second). It’s the only day of the year that everyone proclaims, "Now ye shall eat nothing but comfort food!" Luckily, some of us also really enjoy cooking, adding another fine element to the holiday: picking recipes. Over the years, I’ve tried family recipes and online recipes, but this year, I’m drawn to recipes from my favorite authors — because sure, they can write a fantastic meal, but can they throw down in the kitchen?

Here is a preview of some of the novel inspired recipes on The Airship’s list:

Virginia Zaharieva's Turkey with Chestnuts From Nine Rabbits

As a former vegetarian, I always hesitate in proclaiming turkey as the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast, but this butter-filled delicacy earns the title. Here’s a great recipe from Zaharieva's Nine Rabbits!

Alice Munro’s Rosemary Bread Pudding Inspired by The View From Castle Rock

Stuffing is great, but it often goes dry and stale just a day or two into post-Thanksgiving leftovers. This savory bread pudding is the perfect compromise: It’s simple yet complex, to complement Munro's prose.

 Nora Ephron’s Mashed Potatoes From Heartburn

When I think of heartburn, I don’t normally think of enticing recipes, but Ephron’s 1983 novel is the exception. What I love most about Ephron’s mashed potatoes recipe is that she doesn’t tell you where to draw the line with the heavy cream and butter. (I’m a big fan of the kamikaze, taste-as-you-go style.) For Turkey Day purposes, you might want to multiply this serving by 10!

To see what other authors inspired recipes, visit The Airship today!

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