Thanksgiving Diet Ideas for Everyone

Thanksgiving Diet Idea

Everyone at your table will be happy with these Thanksgiving ideas.

With your table set, it is finally time to plan out your Thanksgiving menu. But pulling off a perfect Thanksgiving feast is not as simple as stuffing a turkey and letting it roast for a few hours. You not only have to think about your turkey’s trimmings, but your guests' palates as well. With all the dietary restrictions out there, you may have to prepare a menu you wouldn't cook on a regular day.

After all, what if cousin Frank’s kid is allergic to something, or aunt Martha’s on a strict gluten-free diet? But if you aren’t quite sure what a paleo diet menu entails or how to host a perfectly vegetarian celebration, don’t stress; we can help you get inspired. Heck, we can even show you how to make this typically gluttonous holiday a healthier one with a few simple guidelines.

Ask Around

When inviting folks over, be sure to ask if there are any diet restrictions they have. This lets them know you are concerned and considerate of their needs.

Be Meticulous

If you are dealing with an allergy, make sure you’re constantly washing your hands and keeping food far away from potentially dangerous allergens.

Give Special Diets First Dibs


Before you serve the table, allow your guests with special diet restrictions to go first. This helps them not run the risk of cross-contamination.