Test Track Presented by Chevrolet

Row 1

Test Track Pavilion (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 939-1289
Theme Park
Mon–Sun: 9:00 AM–9:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Avoid the long wait by getting into the single-rider line.
  • 64 mph
  • Too bad we don't go 88MPH!!!! So then we can go back in time!
  • All single riders get separated!!! Don't bother asking the castmembers stupid questions, they're probably sick of them. If your part of a brazilian tour group then go in the standby line.
  • Try to ignore all the Chevy logos... And instead think "TRON"
  • If the ride shuts down, it can take an hour to restart the computers and get the vehicles moving again. Keep this in mind when decided whether to wait for it to restart or come back later.
  • Some say, that the Stig drove the first test track car, and that all other track cars were programmed from his car. All we know is he's called "The Stig"!
  • Do you live your life a 1/4 mile at a time? Is your name Vin Diesel? This is the attraction for you..
  • This is not perhaps the best attraction for your 78 year old aunt!
  • Back in the US, enter Test Track to ride through a simulated car test facility. Even if you're not going on the ride, there's plenty to do at the automobile showcase.
  • The best ride in the park!
  • Single rider will be faster, but you will be separated. Single means one!
  • Make sure to use the single rider line! You can ways get on faster and sometimes still ride with your party :) made an hour and a half wait 5 minutes
  • Test Track is one of Disney World's top 7 thrill rides! Learn more at OrlandoInformer.com by clicking the "more info" link.
  • The fastpass line really isn't that fast.
  • Es una de las atracciones mas divertidas de Epcot!
  • Muito bom.. Vale a pena esperar na fila
  • New Test track is awesome!!!
  • If you're concerned about going too fast, get in a vehicle with heavy-set riders. That should shave off a couple MPHs.