Tenant Who Served Landlords Drugged Cake Not Surprised When Evicted

The tenant says his landlords ate his “special” cake without asking
Gingerbread cake


A couple in Sweden says their tenant poisoned them with a cannabis-spiked gingerbread cake, but the tenant claims his landlords ate his hash cake without asking. 

A young man who recently started renting a place in Sweden found himself facing criminal charges and also looking for a new place to live after he allegedly served his landlords a cake spiked with a generous portion of hashish.

According to The Local, the tenant’s landlords say that the nice young man came home one day and said he’d like to bake them dessert. They maintain that the tenant cooked up a tasty-looking gingerbread cake and gave it to them, but after a few bites they instantly were strongly affected by the cake and knew they’d been drugged.

The woman says she thought she was having a stroke and tried to call an ambulance, but was not coherent enough to order one. Her husband was reportedly found in the street telling strangers that someone was trying to kill him.


That sounds like a pretty extreme reaction to a marijuana cake, and the tenant was kicked out and is also facing charges of abuse for having fed the cake to his landlords. For his part, the tenant admits to having baked a gingerbread cake dosed with a bit of cannabis, but says it was meant for himself and a friend and he never intended to serve it to his landlords. According to him, they saw the cake and just decided to eat it without asking. Food theft is bad form, and if that’s the case, it looks like his landlords learned their lesson the hard way.