Temple Bar Square

Cearnóg Bharra an Teampaill
Dublin, Dublin City 2


  • Heaven on earth.
  • Temple Bar is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin, Unlike the areas surrounding it, Temple Bar has preserved its medieval street pattern, with many narrow cobbled streets.
  • If you can't enjoy yourself in Temple Bar, you can't enjoy yourself anywhere! It's always busy & exciting with a great choice of pubs restaurants & shops. Great too to just sit & watch!
  • High prices, drunk tourists and crazy people. What mire could you ask for? :)
  • Take a tour of the best of the city.
  • A bit of a 'hub' for all things Dublin. Take your time and check out the funky shops, restaurants and 'authentic' Irish bars. Or just stop and listen to the energy... and buskers!
  • Vodka & Tonic please :))
  • The heaven *_*
  • The best place to go to party!!
  • Viens profiter de la meilleure musique irlandaise ! Juste un pur plaisir !
  • The picture is not temple bar square, it's meeting house sq
  • Keep an eye on your belongings and be wary of pickpockets.
  • Atak klonow!
  • Sempre rola show ao vivo!!!
  • Id be surprise if this place was ever slow.
  • The new Orleans of Ireland!
  • You couldn't and Shouldn't miss it!!!
  • Enjoy the music, food, drinks!
  • There is an ATM in the north side of the square
  • A really like stay here.. Mainly in the evening.. There are a lot of pub where you can eat typical Irish food and fantastic beer..There is also the famous pub temple bar with live music!Really nice :)

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