Row 1

Samurai Summit (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)
Valencia, CA 91355

Foursquare Tips

  • The best ride, next to x2. Feels like your flying!
  • Try it in the dark
  • By far da best ride in da park
  • Spitting on people is illegal. And will get you thrown out of the park.
  • Back of the ride is incredible.
  • Just like the dumbo ride at Disney. Only orange.
  • Come in early for shorter line.
  • Awesome. You have to try it at least once
  • Best Ride, no headbangs just all thrills. Worth it.
  • Try punching people in the throat like Justin M. For spitting on others.
  • In case you were wondering, Tatsu translates to "dragon".
  • Kinda crazy..
  • You absolutely must sit in the front. It's worth the extra wait time.
  • Lean forward a bit when putting the harness down so that the vest is loose- Then you're really flying!
  • Any seat on this ride is a good one
  • Amazing ride.. Will not feel like other rollercoaster. Especially on the last loop. The feel is amazingggggg
  • Attention ladies who are well endowed: u are laying down in the harness. After the inside loop and then waiting forever to get back into the launching area I always get winded and a lil disoriented.
  • If no one boards when you return to station, KEEP RIDING! If the line is short upon exit, GET BACK IN LINE! LOVE THIS RIDE!
  • Sit in the last row. It's way better than the front!
  • Best feeling in the world.

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