You’re Going to Gobble Up These Tasty New Food Emoji

The sassy salt shaker, ripe mango and more are perfect if you’re hungry for creative texts

There certainly seemed to be enough emoji already, but now 70 more of the little images have been introduced for all your texting needs. Let’s look at the new food-related options and imagine how we might use them. Some are, uh, more useful than others.

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The mango

Few fruits are tastier than a perfectly ripe mango, and few emojis are more beautifully drawn than the perfectly shaped, multi-color-shaded mango. Not sure if we should text it, or eat it. The Australian Mangoes trade group wanted one so much they led a two-year hashtag campaign, #mangoemojiplease, that finally came to fruition. Good on ya, mates.

Moon cake

Moon cakes are a golden-brown, intricately shaped treat eaten during China’s Mid-Autumn Festival. If you aren’t of Chinese heritage, you need to head to a local bakery and try one out. A red envelope emoji was also introduced – that represents the traditional red envelope that’s filled with money and given as a gift in Chinese culture.

The salt shaker

People are saying this will be fun to slip into text conversations that are getting a little salty. But it might also end up getting a lot of use from Jimmy Buffett fans wasting away again in Margaritaville, searching for their lost shakers of … well, you know.

The lobster

OK, so this one might be a little limited. But maybe you’re telling someone to buy you an expensive meal. Or you’re referencing that old “Friends” joke about Ross and Rachel being each other’s partners for life. Or maybe you’re just Red Lobster, and are really, really excited about your restaurant name getting its own emoji. Look at these tweets, they must be seriously thrilled. (Plus, the anatomical mistake on the original drawing has been fixed.)

The bagel

You love bagels, I love bagels, but the first bagel emoji that was proposed looked about as dull as a dry piece of toast. The new version has been plumped up and now has the required schmear of cream cheese.

Leafy greens

Because healthy eaters (and gardeners, maybe?)need to share what they’ve been noshing on too. Do you get the feeling that when you shut off your phone at night, the leafy greens and the cupcake get together for a wild-and-crazy, opposites-attract relationship? We beleaf it could happen.

And these next two aren’t technically food, but they were relevant enough that they needed to be mentioned.

Drunk face

OK, officially it’s called “woozy face,” or at least, “face with uneven eyes and wavy mouth.” Social-media pundits immediately decided it was “drunk face,” and it probably already has been texted more times than the other newbies put together. Don’t drink and text!


When dogs rule the internet, this will be the only emoji.

The cupcake

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This one is my personal favorite, so I saved it for last. Just looking at how sweet the new cupcake emoji is will give you cavities. It has rainbow sprinkles! And creamy decadent frosting! Speaking of cupcakes, check out the best cupcake in every state.