Row 1

1300 University Ave W (at Hamline Ave N)
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 642-1146
Big Box Store
Mon–Sat: 8:00 AM–Midnight Sun: 8:00 AM–11:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • If you can get out of here for less than $100...Tell me your secret!
  • This place always has nice apples at a reasonable price. Try the Sonya apple
  • If you knock over all the toys and press all the buttons in toys, the Mayor has to run around and fix them all.
  • Take a shopping cart in and browse for over an hour... Then upon leaving empty handed, check out the $5 movies at the checkout lanes and grab the one that makes you tear up with nostalgia.
  • Highly recommend the Ben and Jerrys Berry Voluntary. Target exclusive. Also. Avoid busiest times which are around noon an dinner time.
  • Eat in the cafe that is NEVER clean.
  • Avoid on Saturdays.
  • I just realized they are open until 11pm, which is very nice. Also, beware of scammers in the parking lot!
  • This is one of the best Targets in the world- check out the endcaps for great deals!
  • If you get a cart with a bum wheel just throw a hissy fit and an attendant will bring you a new wheel.
  • Finally, Target Guest Wifi! It wasn't here when I came here last time.
  • Store hours extended to midnight closing, now through September 2012!
  • Moms from our neighborhood depend on Target. My mother loves that she can go to one place and get everything on her list.
  • High-volume/high-traffic store: If you want something on sale or in the Sunday paper, arrive early! Grocery specials will often sell-out by afternoon--usually stocked the next day.
  • This Target gets a bad wrap. Nice, big, plenty of parking, & if you time it right it's not too busy. Usually can find everything I'm looking for from the adds & Cartwheel.
  • Not stocking Oberweis egg nog this season. : (
  • No left-handed ledgers or left-handed can openers. I'm not left-handed myself, but i wanted to pass on that tip (my "friend" was frustrated). Try the Leftorium at the mall.
  • For a store that corporately funds anti-gay politics, they certainly have nice fashions.
  • Gangstas paradise.
  • shitty return polilcy if you have no reciept. bought $60 shelf and wanted to exchange for gift card but they could only give me $35. it wasnt on sale and not on clearance. should have got my full 60