Taquerias El Atacor #11

Tacos, Mexican, Burritos
2622 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(323) 441-8477



  • The cameras are really flattering here.
  • The Barbacoa burrito is delicious
  • Get the super burrito with a large side of green sauce! It's heaven!
  • love the potato tacos here! they come in packs of 4 or 10. either is awesome. carne asada is yummy too. oh and don't forget the superdongburrito!
  • Get some tacos after a night out at Footsie's. Carnitas are bomb!
  • Get the 10 potato tacos and what you don't eat take home and cook the up with eggs the next morning.
  • Potato tacos after or during Footsies....that's ALL you need to know. Your welcome
  • As of 12/30/12 are apparently under new, somewhat retarded management. We always loved Atacor but the new and idiotic staff makes it completely unvisitable. After 5 years of awesome I say STAY AWAY.
  • Potato Tacos, Super Burrito and Caldo de res are all simply fantastic.
  • The super burrito feeds two... Maybe three! And it's delicious!!!
  • $0.99 Tamales
  • Really good salsa, but if you want anymore than the one, expect to pay extra
  • The collection of ten Tacos de Papa, which completely fills a Styrofoam container, is unrivaled for fried potato goodness
  • If you made a fist and measured from your knuckles to your elbow, youd almost be able to grasp the length of an Atacor burrito.
  • The fried potato tacos at El Atacor #11 are legendary, and for good reason. Pure starch, fat, grease and cheese, they are perhaps the simplest drunk food possible.
  • Potato tacos
  • Super burrito or death!
  • Potato Tacos
  • Fried potato tacos are the thing to get at this Cypress Park taqueria, loaded with crema and a thin guacamole.
  • I have the 10 rolled tacos with everything and three red salsas with a coke. These are the best rolled tacos in LA and damn near the world. They have giant burrito that's pretty amazon too.

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