Talking Travel Pictures

SeeMail is a new, free mobile app that lets users record and add voice notes to photographs. Now, vacation photos no longer have to speak for themselves; the newly launched app lets users share the stories behind their vacation photos of sunsets, mountain ranges, hotels, beaches, or exotic meals.

"SeeMail brings storytelling to social media. It is a visual message that is funny, loving, moving, beautiful, important, or just plain cute," said the makers of SeeMail. "It is about connection. It is about one person speaking to another. It brings the voice back into the equation."

With the app, users can take a photo or choose one from their libraries, and then add audio such as commentary or music. Next, users add a caption and can postmark the photos by adding in the locations before sharing the pictures through the app and on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Once the photos are shared, others can add comments.