Talenti Gelato Layers Line Offers Cookies, Sauces and More in Each Carton

Dig deep with your spoon for all the taste sensations

Why stick to a frozen dessert with just one texture when you can combine gelato, cookies, sauces, peanut butter, chocolate flakes and more all in one container? A new line of gelato called Talenti Gelato Layers mixes crunch and creamy, smooth and snappy, all in the same carton.

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Talenti itself isn’t a new brand. We reported on their low-sugar line in February. But the layering is something the company hasn’t done before.

Take a look at the new flavors. They may remind you of that perennial holiday gifts, a layered Mason jar featuring all the ingredients for a cookie or other recipe. The seven varieties are vanilla fudge cookie, salted caramel truffle, chocolate cherry cheesecake, black raspberry vanilla parfait, peanut butter vanilla fudge, mint fudge cookie and dark chocolate cherry.

"Each Talenti Layers recipe is hand-crafted to include quality ingredients sourced from around the world,” founder Josh Hochschuler said in a statement. “Talenti Layers promises a new eating experience for fans as they indulge in each layer."

And they’re not kidding around. There are a lot of layers, and a lot of different textures and tastes, in each flavor.

The black raspberry vanilla parfait layers black raspberry gelato, oat crisps, blueberry sauce, vanilla gelato, and more oat crisps. Chocolate cherry cheesecake features cheesecake gelato, chocolate flakes, black cherry sauce, more cheesecake gelato, and graham cookie pieces. And vanilla fudge cookie begins with double dark gelato, then chocolate cookie chunks, fudge sauce, Madagascan vanilla bean gelato, and chocolatey covered waffle cone pieces. If you like variety in your dessert, this is your indulgence.


The new Layers flavors are now available in select stores nationwide, with suggested retail prices of $5.49-$6.49 per jar. If you’re in New York, you can try the flavors at a special event March 20 and 21. It’s free, but reservations are required. For more fun with flavors, check out these 21 unexpected ice-cream flavors.