Take a "Blue Voyage" Through the Aegean and Ionian Seas Aboard a Handmade Gullet


As nice as modern yachts are, sometimes you would rather take your luxury cruise aboard a classic gulet instead. Known for their traditional two-masted or three-masted design, these wooden sailboats can be found all over the Mediterranean and more specifically, off the coast of Turkey. If the warmth offered by a wood vessel is what you're looking for on your next vacation, you should check out the chartering company Gulet Bound and their cruising holidays known as "Blue Voyage."

The majority of their gulets are based in Turkey and most of their holidays offered are on the Aegean coast of Turkey — though they also offer routes in Greece and Croatia. With over 250 vessels advertised on Gulet Bound's site, the boats are separated into three classes: standard, luxury, and VIP. The company promises that all of their chartered gulets are handmade from fine woods and include prepared meals using local Turkish ingredients. The price also includes water toys, like snorkeling and fishing gear and a canoe.

If you choose to cruise around Southern Turkey, you'll get fantastic weather and beaches, and plenty of little sea coves to explore. Step off the gulet for day expeditions in the various towns and villages full of rich culture and delicious food. Pick Greece and you'll get to discover the many islands and islets that are scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas (only 227 of the islands are inhabited). Then you have Croatia, which has 21,000 nautical ports and moorings. The nice thing about cruising these waters is that there are so many amazing countries to stop at along the way, including Montenegro and Albania.

Prices vary depending on the vessel you choose and the season you sail in, but you can expect to pay around $743 to $810 per person for each week.