Artist Takashi Murakami Gets Pop-Up Restaurant in Tokyo

Murakami’s pop-up will serve flower-themed food in Tokyo
Takashi Murakami restaurant omrice

Roppongi Hills

Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is getting a pop-up restaurant with flower-themed food, like this rice omelette, in Tokyo.

The enormously popular contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is opening his first large-scale exhibition in Japan in 14 years, and as part of the event the Roppongi Hills complex will be running a Murakami-themed pop-up restaurant featuring some of the most colorful food anybody has ever seen.

Murakami’s signature flowers are all over the new cafe. Not only will the bright cartoon flowers, with their big, open smiles, shiny eyes, and bright petals be all over the walls, but according to Rocket News 24, they will be all over the food as well.

The Flower Cafe will only be open from December 28 through January 31, and it will be an extremely Instagram-friendly venue. The walls, floors, and tables are covered all over in Murakami’s grinning flowers, as are the cappuccinos, pastries, and hamburgers. There is even a rice omelette with pink petals. Many of the dishes are offered in limited quantities. Coffee will be served all day, but there will only be 20 of the rice omelettes available each day.

The restaurant will also have a gift shop where people can buy limited-edition Murakami souvenirs.