Tacos Morelos

Row 1

N 7th St (Bedford Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Foursquare Tips

  • Try the cheap and satisfying Suadero taco here: Chewy, charred slices of brisket are pepped up with a mix of onion, cilantro and guacamole. It's one of NYC's 26 best tacos!
  • I will fight someone over these tacos.
  • Fave taco truck.
  • This place has the best tacos in williamsburg. Consistently better than endless summer, union pool or any of the places
  • Worth spilling blood for
  • Quick and good Mexican food. Better than your average food trucks.
  • Solid late night eats but the crowd is pretty obnoxious after 2 AM. Pay close attention to your order before some random frat boy tried to swoop in on your tacos. Lengua tends to sell out!
  • Im Mexican and it has my approval. Tacos and quesadillas are the best options
  • The barbacoa comes in tender, moist shreds that are relatively mild as far as goat goes, but you might find yourself with a couple of gamey bites here and there.
  • Ice cold beer, hot sauce, citrus juice and a salted rim make for adelicious and refreshing michelada at Tacos Morelos:http://bit.ly/GLmTfs
  • delicious !
  • put some lime on that beef tongue
  • Legit veggie burritoand Im from the west coast
  • Best steak tostada I've ever had. Pretty much everything here is fantastic.
  • Cash only.
  • Ok food. The food truck near the Apple Store and Metropolitan in Williamsburg is better by far.
  • Not as good as most people say. Fair to skip unless too drunk or don't mind.
  • Got a fish quesadilla and devoured it while waiting for the L train. Great for a delicious quick fix and only cost me $8!
  • Torta with breaded chicken is crack
  • Aziz Ansari's to go taco place in Masters of None ;)