11462 Gateway Blvd (Pico)
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 481-0804



  • The horchata is super grainy
  • A great divey Mexican restaurant that serves the best torta in town.
  • Carnitas carnitas carnitas!!!!
  • Don't get the horchata get the watermelon it's delicious.
  • Ask for the 'hard' tacos...they're deep fried and tasty
  • The super combo is outstanding.
  • Very divey (no beer, no AC, orders announced in Spanish, etc). The homemade tortillas are soft, thick, & terrific. Relatively well priced: burritos are ~$8, tacos ~$3.
  • Cabeza is the bomb!
  • There is a crockpot of frijoles de la Hoya by the napkins.
  • The chicken enchiladas were quite delicious.
  • The tacos are thick and full of meat. They're Goliath to the taco truck's David, and their cooked-just-right meat is as flavorful as plentiful.
  • Tacos, burritos, fresh salsa, tortillas, fresh juices, Mexican coca cola.
  • Hidden treasure in West LA
  • Best agua fresca on the West side.
  • Best agua fresca on the west side.
  • Potato taco was recently listed as America's 17th best but I really loved the fish taco!
  • The crunchy tacos are great as are the nachos! Can't beat the price for their guacamole too.
  • Get the torta. And they a bean dip in their sauce bar. USE THAT for the chips they serve with your torta.
  • don't miss their crispy potato tacos: smashed potatoes mixed with jack cheese, fried until the shell holds its wavy shape, and topped with some lettuce and cotija. ooey gooey and very delicious.
  • Kind of a dive, but wonderful food, nice service, and it's clean :) Try the Banana-nana shake!