Tacombi Launches 'Make Your Own Taco' Service

The Nolita taco shop delivers everything you need for a non-soggy taco feast


To celebrate their new partnerships with Seamless and GrubHub, Tacombi at Fonda Nolita has launched a "Make Your Own Taco" (MYOT) service. Now, rather than lining up at the namesake VW bus, you can get the Mexican restaurant’s tacos delivered straight to your door.

Best enjoyed freshly made, tacos don’t travel well — tortillas get soggy and fall apart, and fillings get cold. Tacombi’s "MYOT" service provides everything you need to make the perfect taco at home, with each component packaged separately to ensure a fresh, hot meal.  Start with traditionally made, freshly ground corn tortillas and mouthwatering fillings like shortrib barbacoa, shredded chicken, and shrimp à la talla. Then, add choice-specific toppings, a spritz of lime, and some Vista Hermosa salsa and you’re ready to enjoy either individually or family-style.

If all these options are making your head spin, you can opt for Tacombi’s new Taco de la Semana instead — this week’s special is lamb barbacoa, seasoned with habanero salt and braised in the oven for four hours. Future options include shrimp aguachile (shrimp cooked in chile and lime), tamarind chicken, and chicharrón en salsa verde.