Taco Truck Busted for Selling Drugs with Their Tacos

Police found $10,000 worth of marijuana, meth, and cash in taco truck

In a world of too many food trucks, vendors have to get creative in order to stand out against the competition. For a Taco Truck in Oliverhurst, Calif., that meant selling tacos with a side of meth and marijuana.

A three month sting operation ended this week when undercover police were sold drugs by owners of the taco tuck, Juan and Ernesto Perez. The investigation, dubbed "Operation Dirty Taco," began when police got wind of the existence of the taco truck's secret menu. According to Mercury News, police discovered nearly four ounces of meth, 160 marijuana plants, and $8,500 cash in the truck. Police also reported that more than $50,000 per month was rolling through the taco truck, which would be extraordinarily steep revenue simply selling $1 tacos.

With the owners of the taco truck behind bars on multiple drug charges, it seems as though the town might miss their beloved mobile Mexican food. But according to Martin Horan, commander of the Yuba-Sutter NET-5 Task Force, "The tacos weren't that good; they looked to be rather dry and inedible," said. It looks like it wasn't really about the tacos after all.