Taco Bell Releases DIY Chocolate Taco Kit

It looks good on the box, but can be misleading

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

$3 will buy you six chocolate shells, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Taco? According to Huffington Post, Taco Bell has released a DIY Chocolate Taco Kit, but it's something you may never want to consider purchasing. 

The taco kit, now available at Wal-Mart for just $3, comes with six chocolate taco shells, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. But don’t get your hopes up: most likely yours won’t look the same as the one on the box with the taco shell perfectly holding the ice cream, luscious chocolate sauce, a lump of whipped cream, and sprinkles in the middle. 

Jason Coleman, who does food reviews for bevnerd.com, did a video review of the taco, but got off to a poor start: when Coleman first bought the product, all the taco shells were broken. After exchanging it for a new one, he also bought some Blue Bell ice cream and Reddi Whip. 

After attempting to mimic the image on the box, he took a hefty bite of the questionable taco. “Ugh” was his first reaction. Then after another try, he claimed the taco was “a mess.” “The chocolate syrup is super sickening sweet,” he added. And the shell? “It sucks,” and tastes like “corn with a hint of chocolate."

No surprise that Coleman rated the product as “D for Dumb.” 

ShopWell also shared the nutrition facts and a few quick facts about the product. They gave the product a smiley face for low cholesterol, low saturated fat, and low sodium, so at least there’s that. 

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Overall, though, this product is one we won’t be chasing after.