Table 310

Row 1

310 W Short St (at N. Mill St.)
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 309-3901

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Foursquare Tips

  • Best new restaurant in Lexington!!!
  • Absolutely amazing cuisine, service is a tad slow but it is well worth the wait.
  • EVERYTHING is scrumptuous but the desserts are THE best!!!!
  • Very cool atmosphere!
  • Don't take AMEX and don't take Discover. Wait is Discover a thing still? And who brought the AMEX? Also don't pay in Sacajawea's or BitCoins. Yeah and they don't take Drachma.
  • I followed the tip about bringing a calculator and brought a TI9900. Lots of parabolas, but can't see how that helped me enjoy the awesome food.
  • Best restaurant in Lexington ... by far.
  • Expect an extraordinary playlist to accompany a fantastic dinner.
  • Ask my fiance if she wants a 2nd glass of wine and maybe you'll get a better tip.
  • Great new restaurant! I recommend the steak tartar and the chorizo.
  • Food was really good, and fresh local. I like that! One unexpected thing though. No menu, or prices, except on a chalk board inside. And if w/a group, the ticket is split even between all. :/
  • cookies are good
  • Don't take AMEX. Steak is great tho
  • Cool spot for dinner in downtown Lexington. Young crowd and hearty, locally sourced fare.
  • David Sedaris raved about their brunch (11-3 on Saturday & Sunday) on his last visit to Lexington! Not to be missed.
  • If you have a large group, bring a calculator. You get one bill with all meals and drinks, and you will be asked to divide it yourself.