$ $
11 Madison Ave (E 23rd St)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 889-0667


  • Get a frankie-the vegetable variety contains broccoli, onions, zuccchini, green beans, and fennel roasted until caramelized & tender & folded into a roti, w. tomato chutney, fresh ginger and cilantro.
  • Sit outside after work, get a drink (tamarind margarita) and people watch...
  • The lamb naanini sandwich is no longer on the menu so to get your fix of lamb, try the lamb raviolo. Not the same, but still delicious.
  • Go to Tabla adj to Madison Sq Park and have the meal of your life. It just gets better and better.
  • The bacon naan was great! Actually, all the food was great. The service was awful though. From everything I have ever heard or read about Danny Meyer, I think I just expected a little more than a se
  • Definitely try the bread bar. Fresh squeezed limeade!
  • The food is seriously amazing at this place, and for the restaurant week lunch menu the corn chaat is a must. Also use the foursquare special and get one of their great cocktails!
  • Halibut ceviche is great. Chickpea salad not so much.
  • The Kachumber Kooler is the tastiest cocktail ever!
  • The simple, traditional curry by chef Floyd Cardoz has just the right kick to keep you coming back for more.
  • Inattentive service dragged a 4 person dinner to 3 hours : (
  • Nice bar and hang out
  • great place for outdoor drinking in the summer on the patio. get the lamb naanini if you get hungry.
  • If you have a choice, sit in Jocelyn's section. She's a gem!
  • Get the sweet spiced oxtails with tapioca pilaf with the Tabla Shiraz. Chef Cardoz rocks.
  • The new Calamari is awesome! Try it with the Gewertztraminer.
  • Tabla Tour menu is a great way to sample everything for a reasonable price. Check in and get a free cocktail!
  • I can not pick one item, since I'd be doing grave injustice to other items on the menu. Everything is just soooooo gooood!
  • Naan filled with magical bacon. So good
  • Food is great! Try the Lamb shank!