Szabadság tér

Park, Plaza
Szabadság tér
Budapest, Budapest 1054


  • "FociMozi" or FootyCinema draws thousands to Szabadsag Square. Concert atmosphere. Food/drinks stands. Documentaries/movies b/w all live matches. One of the most popular spots to catch game.
  • Ki-be stlgatni az interaktv/intelligens szkktba. Nem leszel vizes (annyira). Opci: ugyanezt mopsszal.
  • Ha fesztivl akkor Belfeszt. rdemes elmenni!
  • Take a bath in the fountaine, it's great.
  • Relaxed outdoors with good cafes in its surrounding
  • Marvelous place. Great drinks at Hutte in the middle of square.
  • A szemetet dobjtok a kukba - Throw the trash in the trash can
  • 2-3 bringval krbe-krbe tekerni a szkkt krl azt teljesen ellltva.:)
  • Nice quiet park. Great view on the parliament building
  • Somehow this square is a metaphor of a rough 20 century. In the middle an obelisk remembering the Russians who liberated them from Nazis, but also Ronald Reagan who helped end the Soviet domination
  • Controversial obelisk bearing the Soviet hammer&sickle symbol, after the systems change, there were speculations to tear the monument down, but it stayed as a memento of the war and the communist era
  • Playground
  • Belvrosi fesztivl: legjobb! Ingyenes koncertek jnius elejn. tavaly Quimbyn, idn Irie Maffin voltunk.
  • Wonderful Park...Great lights in the evening during Xmas!!!
  • free wifi from hutte cafe!
  • This place is amazing.
  • HISTORIA el conde Lajos Batthyny: Tras fracasada la guerra independentista contra los austracos el conde Batthyny fue apresado. Fue ejecutado en 1849, el mismo da que los 13 Mrtires de Arad.
  • Merece la pena la visita. Bonito parque. Muchas opciones de restauracin por los alrededores.
  • !
  • Nice square with funny interactive fountain, playground for kids, grassy lawns.. In the evening people gather here to watch Euro2016 football matches

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