The Sydney Opera House Transformed Into Luxury Camper


I love camping, whether I'm in a camper or out underneath the stars. That said, I'm pretty sure my camping experience would be rocketed to new heights if I had the Opera to bunk in — especially if I were somewhere where I could show it off.


Obviously inspired by the Sydney Opera House, this mobile home pops up from the trailer and expands into a tent-like camper. With a compass on the exterior, you can make sure to point the Opera in the direction of the rising sun so the veranda will be nice and warm. There's a baggage area, which is accessible from inside and outside the camper, able to fit a wide array of things, from folding chairs to luggage.

The multifunctional outdoor kitchen allows you to cook gourmet meals, "with two modular elements that you can configure in your choice of piezoelectric 2-pit stove, piezoelectric gas barbeque, charcoal barbeque (stainless steel only) and beech wood cutting board." Since the kitchen connects to your car's gas supply, you won't even need to bring additional gas. Once you're done cooking, you just fold everything up and slide it into the kitchen cupboard inside the camper.

The kitchen inside features a stainless steel sink with a mixer faucet, which you can pull out. The sleeping area includes two electronically adjustable single beds (which you can transform into a double), while the bathroom has a ceramic toilet and a Corian fountain head that you can pull out to use as an outdoor shower. There's also a top-loading refrigerator with a volume of 36 liters and a boiler that supplies hot water wherever you need it.

Founded in 2008, Your Suite in Nature (YSIN) created the Opera to bridge the gap between the outdoor adventures of childhood with the luxury lifestyle you're used to now. If you're not sure how camping can be fancy, YSIN has created the Opera Guidebook, which is a collection of unique locations where you can camp in style and comfort. From sites that give you that "wow" factor to ones that offer accommodations that will trick you into thinking you're at a resort, the resource is meant to launch the act of camping from a cheap vacation alternative to the ultimate vacation goal.

The Opera doesn't seem to be available to purchase at this moment, but the price is around $37k so we'll keep an eye open for you!