Sydney Cafe Apologizes for Launching 'Offensive' Dessert

Paramount Coffe Project in Sydney, Australia, receives backlash for its Diabetes cronut
The Daily Telegraph

Paramount Coffee Project's Diabetes Cronut prompted outrage.

A popular cafe in Sydney, Australia, apologized to its customers and Facebook fans after posting what many considered to be an “offensive” new dessert from the cafe’s secret menu.

Paramount Coffee Project unveiled its latest dessert — the Diabetes Cronut — by posting a photo and a status to its Facebook page, Yahoo7! News reported.

DIABETES: the first addition to our secret menu. It won’t be written down, you have to ask for it…So come on in and ask for DIABETES,” read the post.

The dessert was a jam cronut with peanut butter ice cream and dulce de leche drenched in espresso.

The post sent many into an outrage, inciting a thread of varying degrees of angry comments from those on Facebook.

The cafe deleted its status and issued an apology to its fans, announcing that the cronut is no longer on the menu.

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“Didn’t mean to offend anyone, sorry that we have. We’ve taken the cronut dish off the menu and apologise for our poor taste in this instance,” the apology read.